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First Lite Bottoms

What is it about Merino wool that makes it ideal for the backcountry hunter?
  • Temperature regulation. When its hot, Merino wool moves moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool. When its cold, Merino wool traps the warm air next to your body keeping you warm.
  • No Oder. Try it for yourself. I was amazed that after days on end my Merino wool boxers did not have any oder to them.
  • No shine. Merino wool absorbs light, while other materials reflect it.
  • No Sound. Merino wool is silent. There is very little sound when you rub to Merino wool objects together. And zero sound when it flaps in the wind.
  • No more itch. I wear my chama hoody daily. Even when not on the mountain, its by far my most comfortable shirt.
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