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We carry the finest archery sights from Black Gold, Trophy Taker, and Spot Hogg.

The TightSpot Quiver

The TightSpot Quiver is the ultimate bow hunting quiver. Adjusts 3 ways to better balance your bow. Virtually NO torque because it fits tight to your bow. Adjustable arrow grips will keep your arrows tight in any situation.

  • Fits tight and is super light, you won’t even notice they’re on your bow
  • Quick Draw arrow system
  • Close in shots are no problem due to super quiet performance
  • Stabilizes your bow for more consistent shots
  • Hold arrows tight, arrows are not going to fall off
  • Available in 5 arrow and 3 arrow designs
Check out Rob's review of the TightsSpot Quiver here

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Stokerized is not just about building quality products, but it's also about a company with good old American pride. Not only do they take great pride in the products they build, but they focus on the intricate selection of the finest American components that go into each and every product. S&S Archery is very excited and proud to be able to carry this line of premium stabilizers.
Archery Releases Arrow Rests Broadheads

The sharpest, strongest, and best flying broadheads you can buy!

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