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First Lite AEROwool

Powered by COCONA 37.5

Using a revolutionary process that intimately blends Cocona 37.5 polyester fibers into our premium, traceable Merino wool we have created the new super fabric called First Lite Aerowool. Combining the properties of both fibers, First Lite Aerowool is a fast-drying, ultra breathable material that optimizes your body temperature during high activity, warm weather hunts.

Sweat less, exert less energy, stay more comfortable. Hunt longer, hunt better.

ELIMINATE SMELL - The unique molecular structure and neutral charge of wool fibers prevents the attraction of odor-causing bacteria. Enhanced by hydrophilic Cocona 37.5 fibers, moisture is quickly pulled away from the skin and transported through the First Lite Aerowool fabric, eliminating the moisture needed for bacteria to form.

INCREASE STAMINA - When your body is not spending its resources and calories on cooling or warming the body, you’re more efficient. You have more stamina. You think more clearly. You can make a better shot.

DELAY THE ONSET OF SWEAT - First Lite Aerowool works in the vapor stage, before you break into a sweat. If your activity level increases suddenly or the temperature heats up and liquid sweat appears, First Lite Aerowool dries 3-5 times faster than other competitive Merino products.

OPTIMIZE COMFORT IN A WIDER RANGE OF CONDITIONS - Removing moisture allows you to be more comfortable in a wider range of temperatures and activity levels. As heat builds and sweat develops during exertion, the IR energy captured by 37.5 active particles will evaporate that moisture faster. As temperature drops and body temp cools, 37.5 active particles retain that IR energy and act as a thermal barrier to keep you warm.

How would Aerowool stand up to a 40 mile hike in 34 hours through the Frank Church Wilderness? Find out in my review.
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