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S&S Archery specializes in binoculars, rangefinders, and spotting scopes from Leica, Swarovski, and Vortex. With our wide selection of hunting optics, you'll find the exact optic for your needs and your budget. We have real world experience with all of the optic brands that we carry, so we would happy to help you select the right binocular, spotting scope, or range finder for your next hunt.

Tripod/head weight combinations

Head Benro S2 Promaster 6160
Tripod Weight 18oz 17oz
Slik CF 522 29oz 48oz 46oz
Slik 624cf 29oz 48oz 46oz
Slik 636cf 33oz 51oz 50oz
Promaster 525c 32oz 50oz 49oz

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We carry hunting knives made specifically for guys who are weight conscience, but want proven in-the-field reliability.
Hunting Accessories Orion Coolers

Simply put, Orion Coolers offer you more than any other cooler with their standard features. Made in USA, they integrate all these features to ensure that, out of the box, you get all you need.

"11 months with a lot of use and abuse of the Orion coolers I have nothing but extremely positive things to say:"
  • First and foremost they do what a cooler is designed to do and they do it as good as any company on the market, keep ice for a REALLY long time! I’ve used the coolers on camping trips, scouting trips, hunting trips and float trips. I have yet to come home without ice left in the cooler which is a pretty amazing feat. There was a recent review on the Rokslide forum that was a head to head test of all the high end coolers and the Orion Coolers in ice retention out performed everything keeping ice for 11 days!
  • Secondly, the build quality is amazing. If these coolers don’t last you 20+ years of hard use I would be surprised. If I take into account the 6 or so cheaper coolers I’ve owned in the last 10 years that have suffered from broken latches, handles, lids etc you can easily pay for an Orion cooler off that alone. All it takes is one look in person at an Orion cooler and you can quickly tell they are made to last.
  • Lastly, these are very well thought out and designed coolers. From the sizing, the latches, the handles and all the features you can tell this wasn’t a product that was slapped together overnight or just designed on a computer with no field testing. They spent a lot of time tweaking and perfecting the design / features to be as functional as possible.
Read Steve's in depth review of Orion Coolers

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Alaskan Game Bags Promaster 6160 quick release plate
Alaskan Game Bags Promaster 6160 quick release plate Adapter plate for Leica VH1
Promaster 6160 Benro S2 Super Smooth Video Pan head Slik 624 Pro
Benro S2 Video Head
Our Price: $76.00
Promaster 6160 3 way pan head The Benro S2 is distinguished by its compact design and ease of use. The S2, is particularly light and is ideal for observation with a spotting scope or binoculars, or for photography compact cameras. Despite its small size, it guarantees shake-free observation and unique insights into the natural world. Leica video tripod heads are designed in a way that enables users to bring their equipment into precisely the desired position and perform adjustments with a minimum of effort. At the same time, the video tripod heads exert an enormous locking power that ensures that the equipment is always safely secured and can be brought easily and effortlessly into any desired position. Slik 624 Pro CF Carbon Fiber Tripod
Slik 634 Pro Promaster XC525c Carbon Slik CF 522 Lite Series Carbon Fiber Tripod
Slik 634 Pro CF Carbon Fiber Tripod Promaster XC525c Carbon Fiber Tripod

Slik CF 522 Lite Series

The Slik Lite CF-522 is a compact lightweight carbon fiber tripod that reaches a maximum height of 57.7 inches. This tripod features a new Rapid Flip Mechanism locks (patent pending) that allows the legs to invert 180° for more compact storage.
When its 5 leg sections are fully retracted the CF-522 is less than 14 inches long making it easy to stow in a carry-on suitcase or backpack. Despite its compact retracted size, it’s a full-size tripod reaching over 57 inches when fully extended. Lightweight European 8-layer carbon fiber keeps this travel tripod to less than 2.3 lbs (1.8lbs without head and flashlight) while maintaining a superior weight to load ratio. The tripod also has a gearless, detachable and invertible center column that separates to convert to a short column for low angle
  • 8-layer Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Twist Leg Locks
  • Max Load Capacity of 6.6 lbs (Certainly adequate for all spotting scopes)
  • Maximum extension of 57+ inches
  • Weight of only 2.29 lbs., including the removable SBH-180 Ball Head.
  • Weight without flashlight and ball head 29.5 oz!!
  • Includes Compact LED Flashlight attached inside the center column.
  • Rock-solid construction--very stable tripod
  • Includes deluxe carry case